Porto & Douro

Porto is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe. Its artistic and architectural heritage, the Port Wine, the several places dedicated to leisure and its cultural life are some of the reasons why its historical centre was classified as Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1996 by UNESCO.

Although granite is a fairly robust raw material and the one we most identify in this city, Porto’s character is also visible in its capacity of reinvention and regeneration over the centuries. Examples of this are buildings and projects such as the Stock Exchange Palace, the House of Music, the Serralves Foundation or the Yetman Hotel.

The history of Porto is connected to the bourgeoisie, the wine industry, the presence of foreigners in the region since the 19th century. In addition, the Porto city makes part of European fashion and architectures itineraries.

In Porto we develop numerous programs that connect history with stories that we tell our guests using warehouses such as the Port Customs (Alfândega) and convents converted into venues such as the one where S. João Theatre is located. Here we find hotels of different themes from the vintage to the sophisticated ones.

The landscape invites us to gastronomic activities, different kind of workshops like music, wine tasting, wine bottling or painting, boat activities, steam trains and vintage cars journeys.


Credits to Visit Porto