Lisbon is considered today to be a global city due to its financial, commercial, mediatic, artistic, educational and tourist (the sun shines 290 days a year!) aspects.

Lonely Planet has listed it as one of the best destinations to travel and organize events for its price / quality relation and variety of services and products that blend history, culture and technological innovation.
The Time Out City Index ranked Lisbon as the fifth most vibrant city to travel, rating it on the first place as the best place to make friends and fall in love.
With a significant hotel offer, we find in Lisbon places for meetings and events from 10 people to 20,000 thousand people from private palaces to large arenas such as the bull arena in the city centre.

The versatility of Lisbon allows us to create great concepts for incentive and motivational trips rich in indoor and outdoor team building activities such as: having your team discovering the secret of your company´s success for the next year; or making a company video clip; or creating an enterprise photo album from a peddy paper; or promoting a product in a love boat during sunset. Among many others. 

Inspired by the dynamics of the city we brainstorm and produce different entertainment themes with musical, fictional and historical themes. Have you ever imagine your team to live a night as a II World War spy ?


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