Here your guests will find the biggest Portuguese region, rich in sun light, history, gastronomy and traditions.

Only 140km away from the capital city, Lisbon, we arrive to Évora classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This walled city only doable on foot is rich in history, what allows us to offer your guests activities like the Importance of Love in Portuguese History, or a photo challenge that takes you through the different monuments like the Diana Temple dated from the 2 c. before Christ and the bones chapel.

Due to its multipurpose landscape we have a great range of programs to present you. From nature and beach thematics where we propose dolphin watching, grape harvesting, cooking workshops or jeeps safaris. To culture with helicopter tours over the white washed houses and castles, glaze tiles workshop or recreating a medieval festival.   

In this region is typical the Alentejo song, sung only by men; is a great suggestion to present in a welcome dinner in a hotel, restaurant or venue at Alentejo region.

All over Alentejo we find several hotel and restaurants with different capacities and styles that grant us thematic programs for the whole trip connected to Arabic heritage, wine and nature experiences. 


Credits to Turismo do Alentejo, ERT